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Welcome to my little sewing spot on the web!

You can find pictures of the many things I make. From clothing to environmentally friendly items, I welcome you. Please use the navigation located at the top of the page to check out my website! Also don't forget in the navigation, I have a link to my personal page, That Bipolar mom and my online store where you can purchase the ready made things I sell!.The picture to the right is my primary sewing/embroidery machine, Ingrid! She is a Husquvarna Viking brand and is capable of so much that she makes my commissions and ready made items a breeze.


Welcome! I am Heidi the Cycling Seamstress

Hey there! I am Heidi the Cycling Seamstress!  I am a Bipolar, Neurodivergent, Unschooling mom, and my trade is sewing.  I work out of my home, and do custom clothing creation, alterations, and I also make ready to buy environmentally friendly items, dog clothes, and ready made clothing that can be created from scratch or parts upcycled from thrifted clothing.

So why the cycling seamstress? Well I am a 3/4 time cyclist that rides a cargo bike as a secondary form of transportation.  I have well over 4,000 local miles on my bike, and there is no stopping me! On the note of cycling, I ride myself and my entire vendor booth to the Arlington Foodies Farmers Market in Pantego, which is local on 5 miles north of my home studio. I am currently fundraising for a Bikes at Work heavy duty bike trailer. These are the biggest and best trailers for hauling lots of gear. They are American made and cost quite a bit. I am fundraising for a goal of $1500 to be able to purchase one of these amazing trailers. Won't you consider donating? You would be helping out a Neurodivergent mom help support her family!

Hey! I have my first affiliate link!, that is right, you click the link and I get some cash to help support me.  I am an affiliate for Xero Shoes. They are an American company out of  Colorado that makes the some of the greatest barefooting shoes I know of.  I excusively wear Xero Shoes because they have nice, wide toe boxes for my feet, and they look like normal shoes.  On of my Neurodivergent super powers is stimming with my feet. I like to feel the ground beneath my feet, and Xero Shoes help me do that.  So if you are interested, click on the Xero Shoes picture and check em out!



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Events you can visit me at!


I will be selling at the Arlington Foodies farmers market on the 18th of March. Come and check out all my handmade items!


Prices for Services.


Pants hem $15

Maxi dress skirt hem:$25

Special Occasion dress, (prom, Bridal) hem $50 per layer of hem. Example if your special occasion dress has 3 layers to hem it will cost you $150.

Replace elastic in waist: $40

Taking in pants/Jeans $40

Taking in Shirts/blouse: $35

Inserting Zippers: $35, (no Jean zippers or winter coat zippers)


Monograms: $35
Custom embroidery: (Digitizing separate)
$1 per every 1000 stitches.
Digitizing fee $40 per design

Quilt Restoration, A minimum of $100.  Then $50 an hour depending on the condition of the quilt.

Making Clothing from a pattern: Yes I do this.  I have two ways this can be done. You can provide pattern and all materials and notions. I will then charge labor of $50 an hour of work.  Or I can purchase the materials for you and add that on to my hourly rate of $50 an hour.