Heidi the Cycling Seamstress



Welcome! I am Heidi the Cycling Seamstress

I am a seamstress by trade and have over 20 years experience sewing.  I have sewn all matter of items from costume garb, every day clothing, and home decor items. I can help you with alterations, custom embroidery and clothing creation. Some of my alterations include adding zippers, taking in jeans, hemming pants, maxi dresses and special occasion dresses.  I have a love of the environment and sell ready made environmentally friendly items like unsponges, unpaper towels, family cloth, and reusable shopping bags.  I also sell fun stuff like embroidered patches, book marks, stuffies, fabric scrap jewelry and some paracord items. Check out my online shop for ready made items!

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Events you can visit me at!


I will be selling at the Arlington Foodies farmers market on the 16th of July. I will be selling my reusable lifestyle goods! Produce sacks, reusable shopping bags, family cloth, unpaper towels, unsponges and so much more!


Prices for Services.


Pants hem $15

Maxi dress skirt hem:$25

Special Occasion dress, (prom, Bridal) hem $50 per layer of hem. Example if your special occasion dress has 3 layers to hem it will cost you $150.

Replace elastic in waist: $40

Taking in pants/Jeans $40

Taking in Shirts/blouse: $35

Inserting Zippers: $35, (no Jean zippers or winter coat zippers)


Monograms: $35
Custom embroidery: (Digitizing separate)
$1 per every 1000 stitches.
Digitizing fee $40 per design

Quilt Restoration, A minimum of $100.  Then $50 an hour depending on the condition of the quilt.

Making Clothing from a pattern: Yes I do this.  I have two ways this can be done. You can provide pattern and all materials and notions. I will then charge labor of $50 an hour of work.  Or I can purchase the materials for you and add that on to my hourly rate of $50 an hour.