Heidi The Cycling Seamstress

About myself and the Wunder family~

Yes, my last name is Wunder, (pronounced wonder) and I live a slightly different life that most.  First, I identify as Neurodivergent, I have combined type ADHD. It is s doozy and sometimes  there is no executive function! I also have Bipolar disorder so life can be a little tricky to navigate from time to time. My  Husband and two kiddos also have ADHD and my son is Autistic, so it can be crazy here at the Wunder house.  I do manage very well with medications, so I can function in this crazy world we live in. 
I enjoy sewing very, very much. 

I sew pretty much all of my clothing and much of my childrens clothing.  We tend to practice what is called slow fashion at the Wunder house.  Slow fashion is a concept of making clothing, Altering, mending and giving clothing as much life as possible.  For instance, my daughter fits in some womens clothing, but it needs a bit of alteration, usually making the neck and arm scythes smaller.  I do that simple alteration and bam! we just got a dress for a couple of bucks that I did a simple alteration on, that she loves!  We love shopping in thrift stores. It appeals to our slow fashion mantra. 

I do sell ready made clothing and recycled/upcycled clothing. My favorite is to take a pair of jeans and turn them into a tiered skirt. Then I take the left overs and turn those into patchwork or embroidered zipper pouches.  I try to use as much of the fabric that I have, to turn into something fun and funky for somebody else!



One thing that I do a lot of is cycling.  I have a Yuba Mundo V4 that is about 7 years old.  The Yuba Mundo is a long tail cargo bike, it is meant to haul stuff!  She is electric, I installed the motor myself.  I enjoy cycling, but also do it to not use as much gasoline in my van.  I have an interest in environmental matter, like climate change and do what I can to help out. I try to do as many errands and what not that I can on my bicycle and can often be seen pulling a trailer as well, That increase  my capacity to haul things.  I can actually fit my whole farmers market booth onto the bike with trailer, so I ride to the farmers market to peddle, (pun intended) my wares!

The Outdoors!

I can't rave enough about the outdoors~! I have a degree in Natural Resources Conservation, so the environmental issues, camping and gardening also rate up there pretty high on things that I enjoy.  When I ride my bike places, I help decrease the use of Fossil Fuel. When I grow produce in my garden I have to buy less and save money.  When I participate in slow fashion, I make things last longer and really help with the environment. I believe in repairing, mending, and alterations before buying new. I enjoy a particular sub sect of the steampunk genre, the Solar punk genre.  It is living with the environment, using clean energy and utilizing the reuse, repair, recycle.  Camping, love it! We do as much as possible for our busy schedules in the house.  We have changed up the kids learning environment, they are going to a Sudbury school in the fall and we are homeschooling the basics of reading, writing and math. We are planning on going to the Gila National Forest in New Mexico in October to camp and enjoy the mountains and see some cliff dwellings.  I plan on doing some history about pre-historic peoples who lived in the South West while go to visit the National Forest.