Heidi the Cycling Seamstress


About Us

Hi there! I am Heidi the cycling seamstress! Here is a little bit about me. I am married to a PhD Economist and am mother to two amazing and exceptional children. 


My pedal powered mini van!

I fill my days with sewing and embroidering for both my family and my customers.   I am an active cyclist, I ride a heavily modified Yuba Mundo long tail cargo bike. It is my pedal powered minivan that I shuttle kids to and from school and running errands in my community.I also enjoy growing my own food and making my own mead. I have a 9ft

by 22 ft vegetable patch that is my main garden, plus I have hanging pockets and portable grow bags placed all around my house that grows food and flowers.  For my sewing, I own a Viking 116, a huskylock S21 serger/coverstitch, and a Designer Brilliance 80 sewing and embroidery machine.  I am a huge fan of Husquvarna Viking sewing machines. I have sewn on them exclusively for 10 years and they are super dependable machines.  My machines are named respectively, Gertrude, Helga, and Ingrid!

For the family life, I have ADHD and Bipolar disorder, so life can be fun and a little crazy at times. My son also has ADHD and Autism. I am a huge believer in Neurodiversity. My husband is a clinical professor of economics at UTA. He is also a published writer in the field of economics. We hail from Arlington, Texas and enjoy making the drive out west to the mountains.

We have one big dog, Annabelle and two cats, Digory and Moona. Annabelle is my intrepid walking companion. Digory is the old man at 14 years old and Moona is the  young one of the bunch at 2 years old. Annabelle and Moona are rescues, Annabelle coming from the shelter and Moona following us home!

  I am an avid gamer, playing World of Warcraft Classic and Dungeons and Dragons. I also enjoy the many board games that are available. In WoW I am a core raider with my guild, Scary Pirates. I play a Shaman Healer and enjoy the comardere in the game.That is pretty much my life in a can. I just love being on this crazy journey we call life!