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Worried about Food? get gardening!

Our family has a small, urban yard. We have cultivated a small garden plot next to our shed, that we have been gardening for the better half of 12 years.  I wanted to try something different this year, once I clear out our plot from last years debris, I am going to use grow bags. I have already boug…

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Reading and unschooling

Dr. Peter Gray is a huge advocate of unschooling and the Sudbury schools. He shares his research on how the unschooling method really does work for people.  Here is an article about unschooling kids and how they learn to read.…

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Explaining Homeschooling

Here at the Wunder house, we are a mix of Sudbury style school and eclectic home school.  The kids gain their social emotional learning from being able to actually have time to hang around with their friends at Sudbury school.  They follow their passions to learn what they need to.  Now you may say,…

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Social Emotional Learning

I just read an article on the need for social emotional learning.  I am going to say straight up, this is why most people send their kids to public school, is to socialize.  I am going to break your brain a little bit.  Kids in public school have so much external control from the adults that they do…

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