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Altering some Jean shorts

So I got some Jean shorts for Bee that were a bit too big, so what do I do best? I altered them! Altering is all about deconstructing a garment to take it in or let it out. Then you get to put it back together to fit the awesome person it is for.  Here are some pictures from Bee's altered shorts. Th…

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Worried about Food? get gardening!

Our family has a small, urban yard. We have cultivated a small garden plot next to our shed, that we have been gardening for the better half of 12 years.  I wanted to try something different this year, once I clear out our plot from last years debris, I am going to use grow bags. I have already boug…

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Reading and unschooling

Dr. Peter Gray is a huge advocate of unschooling and the Sudbury schools. He shares his research on how the unschooling method really does work for people.  Here is an article about unschooling kids and how they learn to read.…

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Explaining Homeschooling

Here at the Wunder house, we are a mix of Sudbury style school and eclectic home school.  The kids gain their social emotional learning from being able to actually have time to hang around with their friends at Sudbury school.  They follow their passions to learn what they need to.  Now you may say,…

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Social Emotional Learning

I just read an article on the need for social emotional learning.  I am going to say straight up, this is why most people send their kids to public school, is to socialize.  I am going to break your brain a little bit.  Kids in public school have so much external control from the adults that they do…

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Girl Scout Outdoor progression

Between grabbing a bite to eat and loads of office type work, I wanted to sit down and share Girl Scout Outdoor progression.  Helping Girls get the confidence to get outside can be a challenge!  Some girls never really spend time outside of their house, so being in a Girl Scout troop can be the vehi…

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Strava rides! I am tracking my rides now with Strava!

3D printed brackets for mounting a solar panel to a trailer for charging ebike batteries

Video of making a mask!

The making of Face masks

Like it or not, Face masks have been a part of our life for close to a year now.  They are key in helping us keep others safe from COVID.  When in March of last year COVID hit the scene here in Texas, I started making reusable face masks.  I am very trash conscious so a good reusable mask was the wa…

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This is Ingrid

Ingrid, (yes all my machines are named!) is a Designer Brilliance 80 from Husqvarna Viking.  As you see her here, she is transformed into her sewing self.  Ingrid is a bit of a transformer being a combo machine.  Her specialties are embroidery and she is a bad ass sewing machine to boot.  She do…

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Girl Scouts!~

So I love Girl Scouts, I am a life time Girl Scout.  We have been doing zoom meetings due to the pandemic.  Here is a taste of our last activity for our First Aid badge:

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What is Solar Punk?

So for about the past 6 months, I have been really interested in a movement called Solar Punk.  It deals with the future, and tends to not be dystopian, but more of a hopeful outlook after and during major climate crisis. I have been reading awesome short stories that have been collected together in…

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What about Kids staying home?

I want to begin with saying, "I am very lucky." I had the option of quiting my very low paying, extremely part time job and staying home full time with my kids.  Let me also start with, that my family is very neuro- divergent. My kids like staying home.  I offer you this link about kids that want …

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Staying sun safe!

While I do limit my time in the Sun as much as possible, it is a tall order to avoid it all together, especially in Texas.  I tend to wear loose layers, either cotton or sun protective fabrics.  I get my sun protective fabrics at Rocky Woods in Colorado.  For hats, I have a hat that fits around dr…

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Lets get off and running!

Welcome what I hope to be my first of many blog posts.  I will cover everything from sewing and bike riding to gaming. Meanwhile you can follow Heidi the Cycling seamstress on Facebook!

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