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Explaining Homeschooling

Here at the Wunder house, we are a mix of Sudbury style school and eclectic home school.  The kids gain their social emotional learning from being able to actually have time to hang around with their friends at Sudbury school.  They follow their passions to learn what they need to.  Now you may say, whoa, that is crazy. It is not that crazy, my kids love to learn.

Can Thor and Bee read and write, yes. Are they good at math, yes.  We do practice those subjects at home.  Tim and I have a theory that if you have reading and writing literacy, along with numerical literacy, the world is your oyster.  Being able to access the information you want is important.

Passions: Thors passions are history, ships and 3D modeling.  When it comes to history, Thor loves it all.  WWI and WWII are some of his top history passions. He also enjoy military history.  How does he learn it? He learns it through watching documentaries, You tube videos and PC games that have a history background.  He loves the wild and wacky Maus and Rat tanks of the WWII German reich. The early jet fighters, the list goes on.  We make sure he has access to the information and he learns it by himself, because he is interested.

Bee loves the minecraft you tuber Aphmau. She has learned about making you tube videos. She loves fashion and likes to dress up as certain people.  Not famous people, but like a artist or and designer. That is how she learns and experiences. She enjoys drawing fashion designs and stimming with squishmallow plushies.  Bee also loves to build animal houses out of card board. She just finished a little house for our cat, Moona. She learns how to measure and design buildings by using cardboard.

Kids are so wired to learn, if you just let them.

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