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Social Emotional Learning

I just read an article on the need for social emotional learning.  I am going to say straight up, this is why most people send their kids to public school, is to socialize.  I am going to break your brain a little bit.  Kids in public school have so much external control from the adults that they do not have the time or ability in put in actual social emotional learning.  Currently public school is trying desparately to catch kids up to so called on grade learning levels, that they don't have time for social emotional learning.  Now you may or may not know that Tim and I send Thor and Bee to a Sudbury school.  A Sudbury school is a direct democratic school. Both children and mentors have an equal vote in what goes on at the school.

Thor and Bee do like that they have a vote and a voice in what happens in their school, but on to social emotional learning.  Kids in Sudbury schools have the time and ability to learn how to interact with their peers, whether that peer is their age or younger or older.  They have time to develop friendships, time to get to know the other kids and adults that are part of the Sudbury community.  There is no time in public schools to develop friendships. you are always doing busy work or moving from place to place within the school in a highly regimented way.  The way they move kids through out the school reminds me of the military, (yes I was in the Air Force for a tour of 6 years, so I am speaking from experience.)

Now comes an interesting part, Thor and Bee are both Neurodivergent,(Austim and ADHD). Neurodivergent people, and I say people because we are seeing a wave of adults that are either self diagnosing or are able to find a medical professional who is able to diagnose an adult, have a hard time with social cues. Sudbury has been a blessing for us, because both Thor and Bee have been learning how to navigate social situations because of the time that they have had to be able to learn with people who are similar to them.  They have the time to develop friendships. They are not forced to develop friendships, but are allowed to develop them at their own pace. 

Unfortunatly public school is so focused on Academic success that they simply don't have the  time to allow natural social emotional learning for kids on their own terms.


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