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Staying sun safe!

While I do limit my time in the Sun as much as possible, it is a tall order to avoid it all together, especially in Texas.  I tend to wear loose layers, either cotton or sun protective fabrics.  I get my sun protective fabrics at Rocky Woods in Colorado.  For hats, I have a hat that fits around dreads and I also made a conical hat.  The style of the conical hat fits over my dreads and offers great sun protection and does not get super hot. If you are interested in making a simple conical hat to help keep you sun safe check out this youtube video With my conical hats, as in the red one below I cover both the outside and inside with fabric to make it uniquly mine. My conical hat has a 12inch radius, so it is a good size for good shade.  I even made Bee a conical hat.  Hers has unicorn fabric on the outside and flamingo fabric on the inside. For the string of the conical hat I use paracord and a cord lock to snug it down under my chin.

While I am riding on my bicycle I of course wear a helmet, but I have a sun brim that fits on my helmet offer some shade to my head, neck, back, and chest.  For the parts of my body that aren't covered, I wear Neutrogena 100 spf sunscreen.  I don't play around with sun!  Loose layers seem to be the best when dealing with the heat and the sun.  While I do wear tank tops, I tend to cover my pasty white skin when outside.  I have various cowls, and scarves I layer up for sun protection as well.  I know that there are specific sun protective garments that are ready made, gloves, hats etc...  I just tend to make my own.

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