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The making of Face masks

Like it or not, Face masks have been a part of our life for close to a year now.  They are key in helping us keep others safe from COVID.  When in March of last year COVID hit the scene here in Texas, I started making reusable face masks.  I am very trash conscious so a good reusable mask was the way to go.  I hand wash my masks and let them air dry of course!  Now that we can get all kinds of awesome cotton fabric, (yes I still use cotton) I decided to document a little bit of mask making I did the other day. I don't remember where I got the pattern, but I sew a simple structured face mask with elastic ear loops and metal nose bands.

I found this great rainbow swirly fabric that was in a fat quarter size.  I love fat quarters you can get about 2 masks from 1 fat quarter, so you can have all sorts of fun prints! As you can see I brought out my trusty mask pattern which was printed out then affixed to some card stock for a little more durability.  As you can see my pattern is well used!  I made these masks out of the adult size. I do have a teenager/womens size and two kids sizes.  I use two layers of cotton fabric for the outside and then inside.  For the middle layer I use Hepa filter fabric to really help keep those germs to one's self.  Because we know that when wearing a mask our breathing foot print is loads smaller and that is important for keeping the spread of COVID on the low.

So all of this makes two masks.  There is the inner, outer, middle and the nose band pocket, which is the size of bias tape.  I have a bias tape maker so this step is super fast.  I cut out the fabric, feed it through the bias maker and press.  Once it is out, I press again to fold it in half and then it is ready to be sewn on to hold the nose band. I sew the nose band pocket on the inside of the mask so the band can be taken out when washing or replaced if worn out.

Here we have everything stitched together. Once you make your sandwich of mask layers you sew the top and the bottom.  You then flip the mask right side out and give it a good straightening out.  Then you begin to top stitch and add the ear loops all in one.  Once you are done top stitching all you need to do is add the nose band into the little pocket and you have a structured face mask!  It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to make a couple of masks. 

Please, please don't forget to wear you mask if you have to go out.  We all want to be able to get back to life on a regular scale.  Just remember with all of the normalizing of wearing masks, once we are through COVID, if you are sick with even a common cold, wear your mask, you will help keep other people healthy and that is a really considerate thing you can do!  As an additional note, with all the mask wearing, there hasn't been as many cases of the flu this year.  

I know that mask wearing has helped and many, many people have gotten the flu vaccine this year. Keep up the good work people and remember to have fun with your masks!

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