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This is Ingrid

Ingrid, (yes all my machines are named!) is a Designer Brilliance 80 from Husqvarna Viking.  As you see her here, she is transformed into her sewing self.  Ingrid is a bit of a transformer being a combo machine.  Her specialties are embroidery and she is a bad ass sewing machine to boot.  She does so much more than just sew a straight seam. I make clothes, loads of clothes and this gal is amazing.  I can sew on all different types of fabric with really good results and don't let me go on and on about her button hole foot. Imagine a button hole so smooth and easy to do that you don't fight with you machine to get one done, it is possible! With her button hole foot all I do is type in the size of the button, pick the type of button hole I want, (there are like 4 or 5) place the material under the foot, lower the foot press start and voila! perfect button hole in like 10 seconds! Oh yeah she can sew buttons on too.  I can finish up a shirt dress that has button from neck to calf, going from no buttons or button holes to all of that in 20 minutes.  It is really awesome.

Ingrid has amazing LED lighting so you can freaking see what you are sewing, always a plus!  She also has 10 inches of working space to the right of the presser foot, great for quilting and managing bigger projects.

Embroidery! we have got it! She does amazing work and that crazy thing is the embroidery arm that you attach the hoops to so the machine will embroider.
I just wanted to give a little introduction to one of my fleet of Viking sewing machines, Ingrid!  Stay tuned to be introduced to Helga and Gertrude too!

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