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What is Solar Punk?

So for about the past 6 months, I have been really interested in a movement called Solar Punk.  It deals with the future, and tends to not be dystopian, but more of a hopeful outlook after and during major climate crisis. I have been reading awesome short stories that have been collected together in several anthologies of Solar Punk genre writing. I have read some great books in the Solar Punk Genre, The first book I read was a story called, "The Fifth Sacred Thing." by Maya Greenwood.  This book is about a future where climate crisis has happened and it has polarized the world. There are groups of people eeking out a living.  The main city is in what was San Francisco and they live very close to nature and all religions are mixed and celebrated and practiced. Paganism is very much alive.

The next Solar Punk book I read was, "Wings of Renewal, A Solarpunk Dragon Anthology." This book is a collection of Solar Punk short stories that introduces us to a lot of crazy awesome authors. Each story has a dragon theme to it, this book is by far my most favorite yet.

I am currently reading another anthology of Solar Punk short stories called,"Ecopunk! Speculative tales of radical futures"  The stories are all over the place. One thing is for sure though, there is lots of tech, Bio tech, renewable energy tech, and stories of people fighting again the the old tech, like fossil fuel and coal industry.  The heroes in these stories can be every day joes or super smart geniuses.  I am enjoying this read as well.

Now onto sewing! I have digitized the Solar Punk symbol and am in the process of embroidering a flag so I can fly it proudly on my bicycle!  Also Solar Punk fashion, layers and natural fabrics.  I take a slightly different approach and use what fabrics I have available or really like. With my ADHD I have some sensory issues so when I find a fabric I like I tend to stick with it. The Solar Punk Emblem looks like this:

Well I have got to go and change over my embroidery to the other side of the flag! Oh yeah, I am setting up my wares with a neighbor in her driveway and we are going to selling stuff! I hope you will stop by as it is this upcoming Saturday!

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