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Welcome! you have landed at my little piece of the internet.

Hi there I am Heidi!  I am a Neurodivergent person with Bipolar disorder, Autism and ADHD.  I am also a mom to two neurodivergent kids and a Neurodivergent husband.  We live a pretty un- convential live, even for the suburbs of Arlington TX.

First and foremost I am a seamstress.  I create useful things for the reusable lifestyle that I sell at a local farmers market every 4th Saturday of the month at Bicentennial park in Pantego , TX  I am usually at booth number 11 with my orange pop up tent and my electric cargo bike that hauls everything to and from the market.  I also do a lot of alterations for my sewing mentor who live in Mansfield, TX.  I have hemmed special occasion dresses, restored quilts, and altered curtains.  If you are curious about my prices please look to the right of this text box and listed will be my prices.

While I do have a car, I choose to ride my electric cargo bike around most of the time.  It is a V4 Yuba Mundo that I installed a Bafang 750W motor, just at the very beginning of the COVID pandemic.  I do most of my errands like grocery shopping or even hauling my whole booth with me for the farmers marking on my bike. If you live in the south area of Arlington between Cooper and Bowen, you very well may see me on my big ole cargo bike going to and from places.

ADHD awareness patches and Embrace Neurodiversity Patches

With our whole house hold being of the neurodivergent brains, I make and sell ADHD awareness patches, and embrace neurodiversity patches. Autists do not use the puzzle piece as Autism speaks is run by neurotypical people who do not listen to Autistic voices.  Neurodivergent people accept the rainbow infinity as our symbol.  I make and sell these patches, and a portion of each sale goes to ASAN with is the Autistic Self Advocacy Network.  This organization is ran by Autists for Autists. If you do not want a patch consider donating to their website directly.

ADHD patches $5 dollars and Embrace Neurodiversity patches $8. A portion of each sale of a patch will go to:

Events you can visit me at!

My next event is the Arlington foodies farmers market in January. I will be selling my reusable lifestyle goods! Produce sacks, reusable shopping bags, family cloth, unpaper towels, unsponges and so much more!


Prices for Services.


Pants hem $10

Maxi dress skirt hem:$25

Special Occasion dress, (prom, Bridal) hem $50 per layer of hem. Example if your special occasion dress has 3 layers to hem it will cost you $150.

Replace elastic in waist: $30

All other alterations : $50 per hour of work

Converting a zippered Bridal gown to a Corset back $150.

Monograms: $35
Custom embroidery: (Digitizing separate)
$1 per every 1000 stitches.
Digitizing fee $40 per design

Quilt Restoration, A minimum of $100.  Then $50 an hour depending on the condition of the quilt.

Making Clothing from a pattern: Yes I do this.  I have two ways this can be done. You can provide pattern and all materials and notions. I will then charge labor of $50 an hour of work.  Or I can purchase the materials for you and add that on to my hourly rate of $50 an hour.

Sewing is a passion, but I love to Read as well!

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